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   The Development Review Board is the judicial part of planning and zoning.

   The DRB hears applications for conditional uses, waivers, subdivisions, appeals of the ZA's decision It is also charged (by law) to conduct the following kinds of reviews:
                 right-of-way or easements for land development, development within  an historic district, PUDs (planned unit development), site plans, and wireless communication facilities.

             The DRB has a good deal of power concerning land development.  

   The Rules of Civil Procedure must be followed in DRB hearings.

   That is, it must be publicly warned 25 days prior to the date of hearing, all abutters must be given notification,
        testimony is taken under oath, anyone who qualifies as an "interested person" may offer testimony.

    After the hearing is closed, the DRB must issue a decision  on the issue within 45 days. After the decision is issued, an interested person may appeal to the Environmental Court.

    The DRB is a 5 person board appointed by the Select Board.  If you are interested in serving as a member or alternate, contact the Select Board or any DRB member and come to a hearing.

    Current DRB Members are:   Chris Heudorfer  (Chair) : Chase Goodrich  :  Tim Ryan  :  Mary Anne Sullivan (Clerk)  :  Paul Vaczy

   NOTICE:  There be a DRB  hearing on August 16, 2017 at 7PM to here application for a 5 lot subdivision on Upper Plains Road

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