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Justices of the Peace

The State of Vermont empowers Justices of the Peace to officiate at marriages, witness documents (as notaries), serve on the Board of Abatement, participate in the purging of the checklist, and take ballots to those who are unable to get to the polling place on election day.. Justices are elected in November in the same year the Governor is elected. They take office the following February. Ideally, the slate of justices should be equally divided between political parties

The current Justices of the Peace and their terms are:

Jonathan Blake   Feb 2019
Kathy Clarke       Feb 2019
Sheila Conroy     Feb 2019
Jackie Davidson  Feb 2019
Tom Scanlon       Feb 2019
Kathryn Schloff   Feb 2019
Ken Tichacek      Feb 2019

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