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Emergency Management




Emergency Management Director (EMD):   Tom Scanlon, (cell) 802-989-0486,  Member of Addison County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC #8) 



Local Emergency Operations Plans (LEOP)

A Local Emergency Operations Plan allows individual communities to coordinate disaster response.  

Local Emergency Operations Plans must be submitted to Regional Planning Commissions annually after town meeting day, but before May 1st.   The individual that certifies adoption of the LEOP must be trained in ICS 100 or 402.

Salisbury’s LEOP 

Salisbury's Emergency Management Ordinance (Adopted)



Local Hazard Mitigation Plans (LHMP)

Local Hazard Mitigation Plans are used to identify policies and actions that can be implemented over the long term to reduce risk and future losses. Mitigation Plans form the foundation for a community's long-term strategy to reduce disaster losses and break the cycle of disaster damage, reconstruction, and repeated damage. The LHMP is valid for five years from the date of final FEMA approval. 

Salisbury’s LHMP (Approved by FEMA)



Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA)

Salisbury's HVA



Preparedness for Individuals and Families

The most effective way of avoiding injury during a disaster is to prepare for anything.  The links below offer some tips to prepare for and stay safe during a natural disaster or other events.

Winter Safety

Build a Preparedness Kit



Swimming Hole Safety

Power Outages

Driving in Difficult Conditions



Preparedness - Non English Translations



NOAA / National Weather Service Information:   








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