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Select Board

The Select Board is an elected 5 member board, which is the legislative branch of town government. Among its duties is developing the general and highway budgets and overseeing all expenditures. It is also responsible for adopting the zoning regulations, the town plan, and any policies or ordinances. The board also makes many appointments to various town boards, the town treasurer, and the zoning administrator. The members' terms are staggered so that there is never at any time a completely new board.

Present members of the Select Board and the year their term expires:

Pat Dunn, Chair                       2025  :  (802) 352-4432 

Jonathan Blake                        2025  :  (802) 352-6678 

Kip Andres                               2027  :  (802) 352-4533

Gary Sarachan                         2026 :   (314) 440-6355

Robbie Devoid                         2026 -   (802) 349-6163

The Select Board meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 7PM at the Salisbury Town Office as well as by Zoom.  

To serve effectively on the board, members need to be familiar with the geography of the town and its roads. It is also necessary to have a good understanding of various board and commissions, their duties and relationship to the Select Board. It is helpful if a candidate has previous town experience - serving on a board or commission, for example.  Of course, anyone considering serving on the Select Board should attend several meetings to witness the board in action.

25 Schoolhouse Rd, P.O. Box: 66, Salisbury, VT 05769 | (p) (802)352-4228 | (f) (802)352-9832